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Welcome to Apex Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

The premier provider of physical therapy in Sherman, TX

Welcome to Apex Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, the premier provider of physical therapy in Sherman, TX. As a trusted name in orthopedic care, our experienced team specializes in treating a wide range of acute and chronic orthopedic issues.

Whether your pain is related to work or home injuries, sports-related trauma, or surgical and non-surgical conditions, we offer evidence-based treatments and personalized care.

With a focus on individualized treatment plans and a commitment to patient success, we are dedicated to helping you regain your mobility and live pain-free.

Our Services

Physical Therapy

Individualized evidence-based treatments and personalized care for acute and chronic orthopedic issues, including sports injuries and surgical trauma.

Manual Therapy

Hands-on techniques to relieve pain, improve mobility, and enhance function by targeting muscle tension and joint stiffness.

Electrical Stimulation Therapy

Non-invasive treatment using electrical currents to reduce pain, promote tissue healing, and improve muscle strength

Therapeutic Exercise

Tailored exercise programs to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance while addressing specific orthopedic needs.

Laser Therapy

Utilizing targeted light to reduce inflammation, accelerate tissue repair, and alleviate pain for various orthopedic conditions.

Ultrasound Therapy

Non-invasive treatment using sound waves promotes tissue healing, reduces inflammation, and alleviates pain in targeted areas.

Dry Needling

A specialized technique that uses needles to target trigger points within muscles to alleviate pain and enhance functionality.

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